What is an Essay?

Students will always wonder what is an essay?, especially when they are given essay assignments by the tutors. They are confused on how to undertake the essay or what they are to include or leave out as the work on the essay. An essay is a part of writing that requires the student to give his or her own view on a given topic. Students may mistake an essay for an article or a short story but at some instances they may mean the same thing.

What an essay need is to be written in prose form since it is the easiest way to analyze a given topic and ensure all points are covered. In addition, the essay must be written in clear paragraphs where each paragraph tackles a certain aspect of the topic given. Despite the fact that essays can be difficult to undertake, there are professionals at prime essay writings who have specialized in writing essays on all topics and can guarantee students of high grades on every essay they write and ensure those who ask What is an Essay? gets an appropriate answer.

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Essays have always been used as an educational instrument in formal education since they are effective in ensuring the student learns to be open minded and analytic. There are different formats of essays and students can also wonder “what format do I use in my essay?”; however students need not worry since professionals will always look at the essay guidelines given by the tutors and establish a perfect college essays or University Essay format.

What about the length of the essay? You may ask. This is no problem since the content in the essay will be very appropriate and the word limit or length as requested by the tutors. It will cover the important areas required in an essay i.e. the introduction, body and the conclusion. What is required in an essay are significant facts, a logic opinion, and quotations all of which must be referenced. All this will be done effectively and efficiently when you place orders with the essay experts at prime essay writings who will answer, what is an essay.

The essay will be written in time and at a very affordable cost, we will also ensure that you achieve very high quality grades since we check the grammar, you get a free outline, title page and formatting. Our work is plagiarism free and guarantees a 100 percent original work on every essay you order.

Most students inquire what is an essay, and the different types of essays. Essays have become an integral part of formal education with secondary, college and university students being taught on how to structure an essay. Essays are used by the trainers to judge the mastery of the students if they have comprehended what they have been taught. The most answer which we respond on what is an essay is how to write five paragraph essay.

Five Paragraph Essay

Five paragraph essays are the common structure which is used in writings essays. An essay is structured to five paragraphs. Introduction, three body paragraphs and conclusion, the first paragraph is introduction which highlights the idea to be discussed in the essay. Introduction is mostly the most difficult part to write as it requires understanding of the essay requirements and it sets the tone of the other paragraphs. The main idea of the essay is written in three body paragraphs and they are more details as they contain the discussion of the issue being written about.

Academic Essays

For those who as what is an essay? They mostly refer to academic essays. Academic essays have a limit of 2000-5000 words and are more discursive. The essay starts with a short summary of the essay contents knows as literature review, while, long essays usually have the first introductory page where terms being used are defined for easy understanding when reading the essay. Most academic institutions emphasized on the need to reference the ideas which are being used in the paper with an aim of supporting the ideas and ensure that the arguments are supported by credible evidence in the research paper.

Descriptive Essays and Narrative Essays

Descriptive and Narrative Essays are some of the essays which students ask on what is an essay. A descriptive essay it provide a clear understanding of an object, event, person or picture being described and it provide a better imagination on the item being described to the reader. While, narrative essay is written on the first person past or present experience, the essay provides a chronological order of events and its development from its inception to conclusion as if the writer is narrating on what happened.


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