What is the Adenovirus and How does it Affect You? custom essay

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My son (Gr. 7th) needs an INFORMATIVE paper on Adenovirus and how it Affects you. This needs to be a MINIMAL 1 page and must have a COVER PAGE, typed in 12 font, Times New Roman, DOUBLE-SPACED and address the following: 1. How is it caused, 2. What are the symptoms, 3. Can it be treated? 4. How can it be prevented: 5. Are there any cures. This paper needs an introduction (Thesis statement). Draft an outline listing questions you have about the topic, all things you think you know about it, and any personal experiences or observations you may have on this topic. You must use (3) sources for this assignment of which tow must include: use of GALILEO search engine and a library book. Find authoritative, credible sources (TEACHER WILL CHECK) You could interview doctors and people who have personally suffered from the adenovirus. Make sure you cite your references in correct bibliographic format. Begin the opening paragraph with a hook to lure the reader’s interest. Conclude the essay by summarizing the knowledge you’ve shared. Please make sure this paper is written on a 7th grader’s level.

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