What steps can an organization take to avoid Groupthink? custom essay

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What steps can an organization take to avoid Groupthink? Imagine that you are the leader of an organization – a CEO of a corporation, head of a government agency, president of a college or whatever… just about anything with committees, work groups and meetings will do. Now, assume that you are concerned about the possibility of Groupthink within your organization. Your task is to define some guidelines and procedures to avoid this. Remember that, as the head of the organization, you won’t be able to attend all the meetings. Furthermore, it’s one of the interesting side-effects of Groupthink that it’s almost impossible to spot from within the group. Most of the examples have been identified afterwards, and by people outside the group. There is no single correct answer to this question, and you may want to discuss several sides of the issue before reaching one or more clear conclusions. I expect that papers will be about 3-5 pages in length, not counting references. Where appropriate, please reference your sources using standard (APA) format, or something close to it.

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