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This is what my professor wants I will upload the document and you will have to add on to the essay portion. If you have any question please contact me Individual assignment: Design and explain one lesson plan. The lesson plan should include two objectives to help students acquire academic English in your discipline. This lesson and the group project, below, should be completely different. Lesson plan 1. Develop your lesson plan. The final draft of the lesson should be about 300-600 words in length (about 1-2 pages). a. Lessons should follow the format below rather than one from your discipline, and should include: i. A description of the learners. Who are they? Describe their ages, language level, learning situation, cultural background, preferred learning styles & strategies. ii. Curricular goals this lesson will meet. Use / adapt MN state standards for ELLs. [You are encouraged also to cite your content area standards. However, you only get credit for citing and applying the ELL standards.] iii. Two observable objectives. What should the learners be able to do with the language by the end of the lesson? (The learner will be able to….) 1. One objective should help learners improve their receptive skills (listening or reading) 2. One objective should help learners improve their productive skills (speaking or writing). iv. Evaluation. How will you observe that the student has met the two objectives? What qualities are you looking for? v. A purpose for the lesson. How will meeting the goal help the learner? vi. Suggested tasks, and class activities: 1. Lesson introduction 2. Middle 3. Conclusion 4. Homework to be assigned. 2. Provide examples of materials you are going to use. This is in addition to the lesson plan. Allow for 600-900 words beyond the lesson plan. 3. Write a formal essay explaining your lesson in terms of our class. Discuss what choices you made, and why, and ground these choices in the readings from our class. Cite a minimum of six reading selections from our class in your explanation. For your final draft, write 900-1200 words (3-4 pages). PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT IT STAYS BETWEEN 900- 1200 WORDS Also I am going to give you the book that we use in class and you have to take quotes from the book here is the information about how to get the book materials. this essay is why I am doing the lesson that i want to do. – I will upload an EXAMPLE of a essay that was done.(please follower the example in format of the essay) – in the essay it should included 6 quotes from the book to support my lesson. – I am e-mailing you a link that as a e-book. http://www.coursesmart.com 1. in top left corner it will say log in 2. log in here is the information hean0901@stcloudstate.edu password anniebell63 3. go to bookshelf and click. Then you will see only one book and that is the book that you will need to use 4. you should use 9 or more quotes and make sure that you use different quote in the paper Also if you could make it sound like me that would be great and I will also upload materials of examples of lessons and essay from pass students that took his class that will help you see what the teacher is looking for. Also keep with what I have and just add to it and make it more about the students and use the comment for the teacher to expand on it.

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