Why We Get Sick custom essay

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Must read Why We get Sick, The New Science of Darwinian Medicine by Randolph M Nesse and George C Williams

Read this book as you might a magazine, skimming some chapters (like articles you relate to less) and reading others more intently (simply because they catch your attention!).

Start by reading the first three (3) chapters, that set the tone for finding connections between disease and natural selection, and the potential applications for evolution in medicine. Do NOT be overly worried by specific details that you may not fully comprehend, but rather read for the overall sense of the argument.

Choose any three (3) additional chapters, and describe in 2-3 well-written pages the science that you find illustrated by (or buried within) the text, as well as the connection(s) that you find with your own life! Did you think of these connections as particularly scientific before this class? Do you think the ideas presented provide a reasonable link between illness and medicine and Darwins ideas of natural selection?

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