Will the Kindle survive beyond the US border Essay

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Paper details Retailing is rapidly becoming an international industry. A key topic in international retailing is foreign market strategies and operations. Suppose you wish to carry out research in this area with a view to arriving at a research question and research objectives to facilitate a detailed investigation.
For this purpose you are asked to prepare a report outlining and justifying fully how you intent to carry out this investigation.

Your report should include:-
• a brief academic literature review to arrive at a research question;
• explanation and justification of the methodology to be used, methods of data collection, types of data to be used, including qualitative and quantitative data
• an explanation of methods of data analysis you would use
• any ethical issues to be observed and limitations of your research.
You are NOT required to collect primary data collection in this assignment.
The assignment should be handed in by Assessment Criteria
The assignment will be assessed taking into account the following:-
Evidence of background reading and relevance of academic literature to the question posed
Appropriate use of Harvard referencing system
Focused research question
Appropriate methodology outlined
Appropriate data collection methods outlined
Appropriate depth of analysis of the key issues
Appropriate conclusion
Assignment content

Guidance: The assignment is designed to assess the module learning outcomes. You are therefore advised to consider the questions listed below. Your assignment should address each one of these questions within a format of a research report. Please consult the recommended texts.
A. How would you start the research in terms of information requirements? How would you use the academic literature to arrive at a research question? What would be a relevant research question in this example?
B. What type of methodology would you use? Why do you think your chosen methodology is appropriate for this particular research? What are the alternatives? Why did you reject these?
C. What type of data would you use? What methods of data collection do you intend to use? Pay particular attention to qualitative and quantitative techniques of data collection, sample size, response rate, pilot study etc and provide a justification for your answer.
D. Design
(1) If using a questionnaire for the purpose of this research and with reference to the literature, justify the questions included (describe the format and layout of the questionnaire.)
(2) If using an interview schedule based on a semi structured questionnaire what factors would you have to take into account setting up the interviews, what are the limitations of this type of data collection method and how can they be overcome?
E. What are the ethical issues to be considered in this type of research? How would you deal with them?
F. Explain the type of methods you will employ to analyse your data (both quantitative and qualitative data). Provide a clear justification for each method and explain their relevance
G. What are the limitations of this type of research and how would you overcome them?

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