With reference to one appropriate case study, discuss how actors outside the formal workings of government can influence policy decisions. custom essay

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This is the essay title “With reference to one appropriate case study, ‘discuss’ ‘how’ actors outside the formal workings of government can influence policy decisions.”

1.For the case study, I would like to focus on the role of the actors in Southeast asia especially Thailand and Myanmar, such as
the role of the king and lobbyist in Thailand and the Military in Myanmar as a potential actor outside the formal working of government which strongly influence the policy-decision.

2. Could you apply the 3 dimensions of power theory (Power : a radical view by Steven Lukes, 2005) with the given actor to to theory.

3.Could you adequately draw on relevant theory too explore the complexities of the situation in Southeast Asia in terms of public policy.(include the 3 dimension of power)

4. It would be great if you put additional instance(only Southeast Asia) to complete this essay

5. The key focus of this essay is on “how” so could you please approach this directly using relevant public policy theories to illustrate the case(s).

The web provides access to valuable information

Institute for Public Policy Research (ippr) http://www.ippr.org.uk
Policy Brief http://www.policybrief.org

For referencing
1. Could you put the name of the author and year of published after every quotation or summary to avoid plagiarism.
2. Every bracket that you put for referencing should be re-present in the bibliography again

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