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write a 4 page paper Weigh the relative pros and cons of current trends to expand the scope of consideration of work-life issues. Include such topics as ethics, social responsibility, and workplace spirituality. Be sure to consider this question in relation to HRM as a strategic business partner. subheadings should be: * Current trends in work-life issues, including pros and cons * How Gens X and Y are changing the workplace with their different views on work-life balance * How ethics, social responsibility and workplace spirituality are impacting previous and current thinking * Leadership’s impact on work-life issues * Other areas which you feel are relevant to work-life balance Your paper should demonstrate critical thinking and analysis of the relevant issues, drawing upon all of the required background readings. REFERENCES AND BACKGROUND INFO: ProQuest username: 4kw2wkdpbx. ProQuest password: welcome Ballou, B., & Godwin, N. H. (2007). Quality of “work life”. Strategic Finance, 89(4), 40-45. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1371086131). Coffey, C., & Tombari, N. (2005). The bottom-line for work/life leadership: Linking diversity and organizational culture. Ivey Business Journal Online,1. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 907427621). Daly, K., & Hawkins, L. (2005). Fathers and the work-family politic. Ivey Business Journal Online, 1. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 907427551). Devaney, M., & Noone, P. (2008). Is lifestyle screening worth it? Occupational Health, 60(1), 27-29. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1414619141). Marques, J., Dhiman, S., & King, R. (2007). Transform your workplace: Do well by doing good. Business Renaissance Quarterly, 2(1), 15-27. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1268767061). Marques, J. (2005). HR’s crucial role in the establishment of spirituality in the workplace. Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge, 7(2), 27-31. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 850335481). Verschoor, C. C. (2007). Work-life balance, Superior’s actions strongly influence ethical culture. Strategic Finance, 88(12), 13-14,65. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1298346451). Whitacre, T. (2007). Managing a multigenerational workforce. Quality Progress, 40(12), 67. Retrieved May 17, 2010 from ProQuest. (Document ID: 1410309411).

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