World Religions Five Pillars of Islam Case Study custom essay

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Once you have covered each Pillar, please read the case study below very carefully. Analyze the case study to determine which Pillars of Islam are represented in the characters actions and conversations. Be certain to show the direct correlation between the action or content of the conversation with the definition or attributes of each Pillar. Please use the correct name of the Pillar (e.g. Salat) in your analysis. (20 Points)

Case Study

O’Merciful God, I know of your oneness and praise the name of Mohammed your prophet. Sadia was able to make her profession of faith this morning as she does every morning, but for some strange reason, she felt that this day would not be ordinary. After helping her husband and older children get off to work and school, she grabbed her two little ones and fled quickly out the door. Sadia was rushing to the market this morning, because she needed to get back to the Mosque by noon. She is never late to the Mosque on Friday and wants to show her children that we can rush through the vegetable stand but not through their relationship with Allah. Her youngest, Abduallah hears the familiar cry of the vegetable vendor, …closing in ten minutes…. Oh my, says Sadia nervously, we will have to eat leftovers tonight…” Sadia quickly dashes down the narrow street to her family’s mosque. A nice surprise awaits as her husband greets her in front of the mosque. Why are you here today? Sadia asks. Her husband, Ahmet, smiles and says I have a surprise for you, but I will have to tell you later, after prayers.

Ahmet was so eager to tell Sadia that he had received a bonus at work and that he could now take her and her sister on the annual trip to Mecca. He knew how eagerly Sadia wanted to visit Mecca, but they never seemed able to come-up with the necessary funds. During the Imam’s talk, Ahmet was trying to think of a way to tell Sadia about his bonus and the trip when all of a sudden, some very anxious news came from the Imam. It seemed that a terrible earthquake had struck Pakistan; the Red Crescent Society was asking for alms to build shelters and provide food and water for those who were suffering. Ahmet became troubled and began to question whether his bonus should go for alms or for his family’s pilgrimage to Mecca.

After noontime prayers, Sadia went home with the little ones as Ahmet returned to work. During the afternoon, Sadia was very excited about the surprise that awaited her at dinner. Meanwhile, Ahmet was listening to everyone at work talk about the devastation in Pakistan and was watching images of people in great need on the Al-Jazera news network all afternoon. He decided that giving alms was going to have to take precedence over the trip to Mecca with Sadia.

Sadia’s oldest son Tazik arrived home from school as he always does. Running into the house, Tazik threw his books on the kitchen table, kissed his mother on the cheek, and grabbed his soccer ball. Wait, shouted his mother. Your father has a surprise for us tonight. Please put the ball away and stay inside awhile. Tazik began to whine about his plight and begged his mother to let him go to the field with the others, but Sadia reminded him that he needs to be with his family just like when they break the fast together during the holy month.

Ahmet came inside and his wife was waiting for him. She and the children were very excited. Ahmet told her that there would be no surprise because of the day’s news. He quickly and quietly explained that he had received a bonus at work and wanted to take her and her sister to Mecca this year, but the disaster in Pakistan produced so much devastation and suffering that he heard the call of the Imam today and decided that his bonus would have to go to those in need. Sadia began to cry. Ahmet was so upset that he had disappointed his wife that he begged her to stop. Sadia composed herself and told her husband that she was crying not because of the disappointment of not going to Mecca, but because of how caring and loving her husband was and that he roll-modeled for her what it meant to follow the will of Allah.

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