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This is Interview Class, so I need writer who experienced with this class and answers following questions below. Also, I will attached the files so you can read through: 1. During Interview 2. Project proposal of this interview 3. two pages summary about this interview 4. interview guidelines Write an analysis of the interviews that addresses the following: 1.Who did you interview and why? 2What opening techniques did you use and why? 3. What closing techniques did you use and why? 4. How did you record information received and why? 5. Describe the communication that occurred between you and your interviewee. 6.What, if any, unforeseen problems occurred? How did you handle them? 7.How did location affect your interviews? 8. What three things did you learn about interviewing principles and practices? 9.If you were doing this assignment over again, what would you do differently?

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