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It is a Socialogy class which focus on Maturity and Aging so basically the topic should related this pretty much There are two textbook we use, it may help writer to find the resources (!!! ARTICAL are mostly from second book) 1. Morgan,Leslie and Suzanne Kunkel. 2001. Aging,Society and the Life Course. Pine Forge Press. 2. Gubrium, Jaber and James Holstein(ed.) 2004. Aging and Everyday Life. Blackwell Publishers ——————————– Research Paper 8 pages( 7 paper and 1 reference) Select a specific topic within the field of Maturity and Aging. Preferably one that would allow you to use a sociological perspective in your analysis. For example, you may interested in studying Caregiving or Caregiver’s Stress or Sexuality issues over the adulthood period. Or diversity in living arrangements among the elderly or healthy delivery and healthy issues by ethnicity. Conduct extensive library research on the topic of your interest. Review at most 6 articles and synthesize the research findings in an 8 page paper. Focus on following 1.Any data and statistics that help you define the problem understudy 2.What is the current state of knowledge on this issue? 3.Be critical in our analysis of the articles. Are there any oversights/ biases in the arguments and findings? How is the age/ period/ cohort problem resolved? 4.Is there sufficient knowledge with respect to the heterogeneity of the population? Ho do race/ ethnicity/ gender present a problem for researchers? 5.Identify the links between theoretical assumptions and empirical research on the topics 6.Identify any unanswered questions that emerge from this research

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