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In this paper, i want you to research the ethical implications of a contemporary medical issue from ethical, philosophical and theological perspectives. This class is Religion class dealing with all kinds of medical issues from theological perspective. (Not English class) – While you are developing the paper, i want you take a position whether you support or oppose to it. So your tone can be critical. – The professor did not exactly identify the format. I think it is interpretative-critical essay which is based on research. – In the paper, i want you to use some references from anything at least three times but no more 4 times. Please dont choose anything too long. 1. Choose a topic Topic : You can choose any topic as long as it is controversal-medical issue except abortion, reproductive technology. (we already covered these stuff preveiously) 2. Do research about it and formulate a thesis. Thesis should be repeated in conclusion. 3. Identify issues why it is important and controversial, and what makes it interesting to people. 4. I want you to analyze the topic from ethical points such as What does the topic have to do with ethical standpoint, What factors made it ethical issue, Why is is ethcially controversial, Why is it ethically wrong or right(depends on your position), 5. Next, I want you analyze the topic from philosophical issue such as what kind of ‘ism'(ex : stoicism and utilitarianism) is related to your topic and how. 6. Lastly, I want you find some information about the topic which is based on theological background, and talk about it from theological perspective such as how related to and how it supports or opposes to your position.(Bible, general christian belief, etc). Since this class is Religion class, please dont neglect to write about theological standpoint. Dont forget that your thesis in the intro should be repeated in your conclusion. Feel free to ask me through email if you have some questions or call me if it is urgent.

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