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Term Paper Paper Assignment Answer one of the following questions in 5-7 pages. Use the textbook (“American Government” by Lowi, Ginsberg, and Shepsle). Please refrain from using other sources. 1) Political Parties (textbook chapter 11 summary): How have American political parties changed since the founding era? What did the founders think about the idea of political parties, and how did America come to have a two-party system? Is it better to have a two-party system, or would America be better off with a multi-party system? Why? 2) Interest Groups (textbook chapter 12 summary): What are the characteristics of American interest groups and how do they work? How do they interact with the executive and legislative branches? Are interest groups a good thing in American Politics? 3) Bureaucracy (textbook chapter 7 summary): Discuss the organization and the role of bureaucracy in American government. What are its benefits and the drawbacks?

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