Wrongful Conviction Case (Either Robert McClendon or Kenneth Adams) (Criminology-Sociology Class) Custom Essay

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Students are required to submit a 5-10page paper that examines in depth a biography/autobiography of an actual wrongful conviction case ( either Robert McClendon or Kenneth Adams) . plus a 1 page abstract (do not include in page count) Students are expected to include discussion/analysis of the following issues:
1. The case details
2. The causes of the wrongful conviction
3. The process by which the wrongful conviction was discovered and remedied and the exoneration eventually secured
4. The consequences of the wrongful conviction for the exoneree.

Also make a Case Portfolio of that case,submit a case summary portfolio that includes a case history on ONE wrongful conviction case. The case portfolio includes:
1. copies of any/all academic materials written on the case (from journals or books)
2. copies of any newspaper articles about the case
3. copies of all publicly available legal documents available on the case
4. a written synthesis of these materials into a case history or ‘summary narrative’
5. an evaluation of how the material discussed in class and in the readings applies to that particular case.

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